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My take on Rosa Parks' "Featherlight Pancakes"

I recently heard an episode of The Sporkful podcast called Searching for Rosa Parks’ Pancakes. There are a few niggles noted in the comments over there that I agree with (mostly: why not at least try making the pancakes according to the recipe if you’re really “searching” for her pancakes?) but I still enjoyed the episode…

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Cashew Parmesan

I’ll admit it: I was very skeptical about this one. I don’t love the texture of nuts, and anyway, how could they possibly sub for cheese this easily? Well, you certainly won’t be mixing this into your risotto to make it all gloriously cheese-stringy, but it turns out to be a darned respectable topping for sprinkling on…

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Beef Meatballs

Ben is on a fairly strict elimination diet right now, and most recipes with more than a handful of ingredients require some creative substitution. Fortunately, there are loads of good options, and thanks to the internet + Google, it’s not hard to find them. For this recipe, I made a whole bunch of substitutions and omissions.…

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