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Starting September 16: join me in a two-year Bible-reading plan

Reading the Bible

I’ve decided to begin a two-year Bible-reading plan, and you’re invited to join me. My invitation is kind of in the form of a FAQ. ūüėČ Why two years? I’ve done one-year plans before, and while it’s pretty awesome as a bucket-list item, the pace often meant it was a mad dash toward a checkbox…

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Perfect Chewy Brownies

That’s right, these are perfect. Fight me. They’re based on these brownies and also these brownies and a whole lot of brownie taste-offs (fortunately, I have good friends who are willing to sacrifice their very bodies for the cause of brownie perfection). Photos to come if I can ever keep the brownies around long enough.…

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When you mess up, don’t apologize for “any inconvenience”

I can’t log into a web hosting portal right now, so I googled for the host’s status page, found it, and was glad to see the issue is noted and being addressed. What I was not glad to see is the phrase “we apologize for any inconvenience.” This phrase is passive-aggressive and weasely. It’s the…

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Digging into “$(…).tipTip is not a function” error

What I searched for “Uncaught TypeError: $(…).tipTip is not a function” Beaver Builder Why I searched for it When I was trying to load Beaver Builder’s settings page in the WordPress backend, I was getting this error in Chrome’s Javascript Console, thrown by line 58 in /bb-plugin/js/fl-builder-admin-settings.js (the line in question: $( ‘.fl-settings-form .dashicons-editor-help’ ).tipTip();).…

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Tracking down expdbs_migrations

I’m cleaning up a client’s¬†WordPress database and found a very large row in the wp_options table with the option_name “expdbs_migrations_307560ade90b365a15bcb8d6d1aed8fa”. I suspected this was a remnant of a no-longer-installed plugin (they don’t have any plugins that start with “E” at the moment), but wanted to be sure before hacking it out. Googling¬†“expdbs_migrations” found a number…

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How to make the phpMyAdmin sidebar table links default to “browse”

What I searched for phpmyadmin default to browse instead of structure Why I searched for it I swear this used to be the default behavior, but now (using phpMyAdmin¬†4.6.4 and MAMP¬†4.0.5‚ÄĒwhich turns out to be relevant) clicking a table name in the left sidebar opens up the “Structure” tab. 95% of the time I want…

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Where to find the phpMyAdmin config file in VVV

What I searched for vvv phpmyadmin config file Why I searched for it I’ve just started using Varying Vagrant Vagrants to do some local¬†WordPress development. When I visited the included phpMyAdmin install at http://vvv.test/database-admin/,¬†I got the error “The secret passphrase in configuration (blowfish_secret) is too short.” From previous experience, I knew that I could add…

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How to password-protect one site on a WP Engine multisite install

At work, we have typically used one of two approaches to keep WordPress-sites-in-development out of the public eye until they’re ready. If we’re using¬†WP Engine as the host, we’ll use their standard password protection. If not, we’ll use the Password Protected plugin. However, we’ve got a client right now who’s doing a phased roll-out of…

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"The Inner Light" sheet music from Star Trek: The Next Generation

My son has been learning to play the recorder at school this year, and like all nerdy Trek-loving parents, we thought, “Wouldn’t it be awesome if he could play that song from “The Inner Light“?! I went looking but couldn’t readily find sheet music. I knocked out a quick handwritten version for him that I…

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