DM Serif Display

A beautiful, slightly retro serif font with beautiful italics.

Power Up Your LinkedIn Job Hunting Efforts

Looking for work? This is a free course from an author I trust to help you improve your odds on LinkedIn.

Youtube Thumbnail Generator

A simple tool but it made my last thumbnail a lot better with minimal effort.

Clean Energy Federal Credit Union

When I’m ready to put my money where my mouth is, I’m looking over here.

Coordination Headwind – How Organizations Are Like Slime Molds
7 CSS Image Effects For Making Awesome Vintage Photos

The multiplied overlay plus the filters create a wide variety of effects.

Formulas – Rit Dye

A handy guide to blending Rit dyes to get specific colors.

A Map of Gender-Diverse Cultures
LeiaPix Converter

This tool creates a “depth map” to add parallax motion to static images.

AI Generated Videos from Photos