Mastering the Narrow Hemmer, Part One – Threads

This looks like it would make hemming a lot easier than the standard “press, then press again” method. I’m a bit intimidated by it but I imagine like most things, it just takes a little practice.

Detect handwriting in images  |  Cloud Vision API  |  Google Cloud

I have a vision of using this API to process my MobiScribe notes into a searchable format (think Evernote, but not proprietary).

Codeception for WordPress

I want to figure out testing…

Apple Pie Pancakes – The Kitchen Magpie

My friend Alodia reported that these are delicious. My friend (and her sister-in-law) Jen left me with a bag of apples. What choice do I have?!

Layout Gala: a collection of 40 CSS layouts based on the same markup and ready for download!

This is awesome! Like CSSZenGarden for generic layouts. I’ll definitely be using this. They all validate and use good code.

Dropdown attribute with default value in WPBakery Visual Composer
Social Fabric
Secret Recipe Club: The Rules
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WordPress Plugin Boilerplate Generator | Ready to use WordPress Plugin Boilerplate