zen habits: Email Zen: Clear Out Your Inbox

This is like the holy grail of email for me. My email inbox is a constant source of frustration for me. Going to use these tips if it kills me.

GetFriday – Life gets better with GetFriday

Outsourcing agency recommended by Tim Ferriss.


I’d like to order this set of CDs based on Steve’s recommendation. I am setting this as my reward for reaching 145 pounds and staying beneath it for a consecutive week. (I’m currently at 150, on my way to 130.)

Good and Bad Procrastination

A great essay about procrastination and priority setting (in the most simple sense). I’m going to be great by following this advice. 🙂

The Personal MBA

I’m intrigued by this and planning on participating.

Polyphasic Sleep

I think I’m going to be trying this after Thanksgiving.

the user script page

Your last unconfined act of browsing, then is to the user script page, where you should be able to install it using Tools->Install User Script.

Eliminate Procrastination with Productivity Engineering from The Hypnosis Network