Cold Turkey – The Toughest Website Blocker on the Internet
Monk Manual – A Daily System for Being and Doing
GoDice | Incredibly Smart Connected Dice For Any Game! by GoCube — Kickstarter

I suspect that with their promised API, I’ll be able to write a layer to make these work as a time-tracking interface that integrates with Harvest. I’m waiting to see the API, though.

Need Help Going Vegan? Get a Vegan Mentor! | PETA

This is genius! Going vegan is a huge shift fraught with all kinds of challenges, from practical (what do I eat?) to social and psychological (resistance from family members). Having a friendly mentor would make a world of difference. I’m wondering what other transitions could borrow this model?

The Toolkit – What’s Best Next

This falls into the “obvious but still not practiced” bucket. I want to get better at the actual practice!

Ultimate Brainwaves • Binaural & Bilateral Beats & Isochronic Tones
Download Printable Colored one-page weekly planner PDF

I’m using this planner to help Ben visualize his upcoming schoolwork. The site also has loads of other planner templates.

How to Figure Out What Time of Day You’re Most Productive |
Your most productive time of the day | Blog | Hiver™