Hanging Tough – Garage Gym Girl
5 Awesome Youtube Channels to Keep You Moving in Quarantine | Down Home Dietitian
3 Ways to Look Better By Training Like An Athlete | Roman Fitness Systems

Functional fitness is the way to go.

Treadly® | Meet the world’s thinnest treadmill. Treadly is redefining the modern workout

My friend Stacy got one and now I want one. 😉

7 Day Yoga Challenge
Homepage | DanceFit University

It’s not clear what timezone these are in or how long they are, but the investment is very reasonable so I’m considering it.

The Definitive Guide to Parkour For Beginners | Nerd Fitness

Okay, now I kind of want to learn this…

Lifestyle Swimming Instruction

I want to take lessons to prepare for a triathlon. 🙂

Unlocking the secrets of Diet and Weight Loss – fatsecret

This is a diet community that uses data in interesting ways.

The Best Exercise You’re Not Doing – MSN Health & Fitness – Diet & Fitness

I found the single-leg squat pretty revealing (I’m weak!). Not sure if I’ll add it to my routine (have too many things I want to try) but I might.