All in one SEO Pack configuration step-by-step | SEO | SEM | Internet Marketing | Jack Leblond

I appreciated the setting-by-setting approach in this post.

10 Steps for effective writing | SEO | SEM | Internet Marketing | Jack Leblond

This is the best writing checklist I’ve seen in a long time. I should tattoo it on the back of my hand.

Why Business Blogs Shouldn’t Be on
Kevin Rose: 10 Ways To Increase Your Twitter Followers

Some good advice here; I particularly like the idea of educating followers.

15 Simple Ways to Overcome Anger |

This post has a whole lot of good advice. I’m particularly interested in the first technique about changing the physical circumstances.

How To Set Boundaries With Your Clients, Part One: Agreeing On Scope | Freelance Folder | The Blog For Freelancers And Web-Workers

Great advice for freelancers. I should be using more of it!

3 Secrets for Multiplying Your Productivity, Success, Income, and Personal Happiness as a Copywriter or Marketer

These aren’t necessarily revolutionary, but they’re things that we all KNOW we should do and yet rarely get around to. A good reminder for me.

Grip Your Readers With These 7 Knock-out Opening Sentences

Great advice about opening sentences. I should write a WordPress plugin to display the list next to my post compose box. 🙂

2 Ways to Define your Poverty and What to do about It | Today is that Day

Good, concise post that explains the fundamental reasons for not having the financial life you want, and provides links to resources to overcome those setbacks.

About | Zen Habits

Leo’s done a great job of clarifying what kinds of communications he’s able to accept. A good model for other overwhelmed bloggers!