Step 1 in IE6 Compatibility Hacking | alexking.org

Sad that we need hacks like this but oh-so-handy for heading off trouble!

The Choppr – Your Design & Our XHTML – The only place to get your design chopped up!

Status: tried. Quite happy with them; but they’ve sold to someone else, so we’ll see how that goes.

XHTMLGenius.com // XHTML and CSS coding services for designers

Status: haven’t tried

XHTML/CSS – You do the design, we do the code.

Status: haven’t tried

XHTML Slicer – Expanding you design boundaries

Status: haven’t tried

Design Slicer – Webstandard compliant design to XHTML conversion service – Welcome

Status: tried. Result: coder is overloaded and wasn’t able to deliver in a reasonable timeframe. Very friendly though.

SliceMyDesign – You Design. We Slice.

Status: haven’t tried

PSD to XHTML | CSS Conversion Service. CSS-Based HTML Redesign. PSDXHTML.COM

Status: trying right now

Designwise Studios | Simple & Elegant Web Standards Design

I’m digging this design studio. I might outsource some work to him.

PSD to HTML conversion service. Convert Design to HTML online, PSD2HTML.com

Status: tried. Result: pixel perfect code, but it didn’t provide the flexibility I needed to convert to a WordPress template. Not sure if the fault was mine or theirs.