This is a host comparision and review site that is way better than the average hosting directory. It’s fast, has lots of ratings, and lets me see the breakdown for ratings (speed, would recommend to a friend, features, tech support, etc.).

WordPress as e-commerce

Scriptygoddess describes in (enough) detail how she made a store with WordPress. I’m going to do this for my rice bags.

Suggestions for eliminating prospect time wasters

A great Ryze post aimed at pre-qualifying prospects.

Welcome to the Blog-Togs Dressing Room

This is a very attractive, well-written site.

AJAX: Usable Interactivity with Remote Scripting [JavaScript & DHTML Tutorials]

SitePoint’s AJAX article.

Open Loops: Estimating Realistic Project Deadlines

A nice little formula for estimating the time it will take to do a project.

//// COLOURlovers :: loving colours since 1981

Excellent community-based color site. Great palettes and individual colors, and it’s user oriented, so you can theoretically find a brilliant person and use all their color schemes. 🙂

[ws] Color Scheme Generator 2

A lovely color scheme generator that uses different complements and whatnot to create some great palettes.

Successful Web Development Methodologies [Site Planning]
Why Small Web Design Firms Should Think Big [Work Smarter]