How To Animate Your Twitter Avatar
Twiangulate: analyzing the connections between friends and followers

The best Twitter people-searcher I’ve found.

Luke Coburn (lukecoburn) on Twitter

This is a great Twitter background.

Twitter Party Calendar, Upcoming Twitter Parties, Twitter Party Guide

A useful calendar of what’s happening on Twitter.

Twitter Blackbird Pie WordPress Plugin | Themergency

Clever, attractive way to display tweets in blog posts.

Twitter API Explorer –

This is helpful to quickly see what info I have access to.

Playing Marketing Games on Twitter

This virtual chamber of commerce is a brilliant idea. I just wish I was the person to do it locally. (I’m not. 🙂 )

My Twitter marketing e-book: How to go viral on Twitter

I like this guy’s straightforward approach, and his results speak for themselves.

twittl | discover, rate and share tweets
100 Tips to Be a Smarter, Better Twitterer | Computer Colleges

A good categorized list that has tons of relevant links and short explanations that are enough to be helpful but not so much as to be overwhelming.