Visit Portland’s Finest Historic House Museum | Pittock Mansion
12 Best Small Towns in Oregon | Travel + Leisure

I’ve been to most of these towns but only spent significant time in a couple. Maybe I should remedy that.

America’s Great Loop Cruisers’ Association

Step one: get a yacht.

Next Vacay

I’m not super into traveling at the best of times, but if I decide to fly more, this seems like a great option.

FareCompare Where-to-Go Getaway Map

This is like the old Travelocity Dream-map feature. 🙂

east side bride: What should I do in Portland??

Great overview of don’t-miss stops in Portland.

LAX Parking Center Inc.

This sounds reasonably convenient and way cheaper than most airport parking (I don’t know LAX’s rates, but I’d be surprised if they’re even close to these…).

Royal Jordanian

I intend to get miles for our flights, but I’ll need to do the Missing Mileage Credit process after the trip.


When I’m in Portland for the World Domination Summit, this seems like it might be more affordable than the hotel’s parking.

Havasupai Tribe

I’ve heard this is the best place to experience the Grand Canyon.