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Styling Blog Comments: Correct Markup and Free Examples – Templatica

These comment style examples are a great starting point!

WordPress Theme Review – The best WordPress themes for SEO

Review site that looks at the search engine optimization factors of each WordPress theme and then gives a score; nice way to find a good theme that also will help get traffic.

Free XHTML/CSS Website Templates – Template World

I’d like to turn these into WordPress themes (yay Creative Commons licenses!).

Blogging Expertise – blog design, installation, and consulting

Good blog and resource for new bloggers. Some free stuff, too.

From XHTML/CSS to WordPress

A thorough tutorial for would-be template creators. I haven’t worked through it yet (no time; too busy creating templates!) but it seems like a very useful resource.

How To: Templating with Textpattern

I’m going to try Textpattern on an upcoming project so this will come in very handy.

Publishing Custom Pages with Movable Type

I’m exploring options for About pages with MT.

WordPress Theme Viewer

Awesome way to preview the various WordPress themes.