Firesheep – codebutler
WordPress Plugin Security Review Service – Plugin Vulnerabilities

I’d like to get a few of my own plugins reviewed as a learning exercise.

Gehaxelt – How WordPress Plugins Leak Sensitive Information Without You Noticing | Detectify Blog

Things to watch for as an admin and as a plugin developer.

Storing Confidential Data in WordPress

Some excellent recommendations for storing sensitive data.

Email Encryption – Free Secure Email Service – Sendinc
Get Behind the Shield! Hotspot Shield by AnchorFree

I want to take my hotspot security more seriously.

WordPress Exploit Scanner

This seems like a good after-the-fact tool for WordPress hacks.

Home | Glubble ®

It’s a while out before I need to worry about this for my kids, but this intelligent web filtering solution makes a lot of sense, and I’ll be recommending it to those I know with kids.

Password Generator

This password generator combines a couple of unrelated words with a number to make a moderately secure but still-memorable password.