How to Find & Replace Data in MySQL
WordPress Serialized PHP Search Replace Tool | Interconnect IT – WordPress Consultants, Web Development and Web Design
TinEye Reverse Image Search
TinEye Labs – Multicolr Search Lab
Twiangulate: analyzing the connections between friends and followers

The best Twitter people-searcher I’ve found.

Leverage Google Reader’s Secret | Search Engine People | Toronto

This is a good idea in general, but the tip at the end presents another compelling reason to use FeedBurner.

TweepSearch :: Welcome

Extremely useful for searching your own followers. I’m going to use it to find people who will weigh in on a survey related to their field… I figure since they’re already following me, it’s much more likely that they’ll help.

Summize Realtime Twitter Search

Another useful Twitter search tool. Pretty!

Real-time Twitter Search – Tweet Scan

I really like that this service lets me see @replies, since sometimes I’m curious about the answers to my friends’ questions.

Instant Domain Search

A domain search tool full of AJAXy goodness. It updates on the fly to provide a quick glance at what’s available.