Leverage Google Reader’s Secret | Search Engine People | Toronto

This is a good idea in general, but the tip at the end presents another compelling reason to use FeedBurner.

How to Password Protect you Blog AND your Feedburner RSS Feed

I’m thinking of doing some tricks with password-protected feeds for distributing some content across multiple blogs, and this seems like a vital bit of info.

RSS: Best Design Practices And Icons | Design Showcase | Smashing Magazine

Besides being full of good information, this post also features a bunch of free RSS icons.


Sometimes I need to access email via RSS (or it makes life easier). This tool lets me do that.

Yahoo! Weather RSS Feeds

I have a slightly nutty idea about getting an SMS message when the outside temperature reaches a specific number so I remember to close my windows. This would make that possible. 🙂 : feed your blog to twitter

Neat service that autoposts new posts to Twitter. I need to add a few more of my sites to it.

What makes you unsubscribe from a blog’s RSS feed?

I’d like to write a summary post based on some of these comments.


A mashup developer’s best friend. I’m not sure exactly how I’ll use this yet, but I’m thinking something to do with libraries (the kind with books, you code nerds!)…

WordPress plugin: aggregated blog feeds

Another interesting-looking WordPress RSS plugin.


Looks like a great tool for emailing blog posts and newsletters.