The positive aspects of attention deficit hyperactivity disorder: a qualitative investigation of successful adults with ADHD | SpringerLink
UCSD Child Taste Study

Kids with braces aren’t eligible (MRI!) but pretty soon my kid won’t have braces…

Who Seeks Abortions at or After 20 Weeks? – Foster – 2013 – Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health – Wiley Online Library

Late-term abortions are the subject of a lot of debate, so it’s interesting to see data.

The Web Credibility Project: Guidelines – Stanford University

This is an incredibly useful overview/tactical list of ways to be more credible online. I want to use this as the basis of a course or something.

A List Apart: Articles: The Myth of Usability Testing

The whole article is interesting, but I’m bookmarking specifically for the tools recommended near the end.

Americas Promise Alliance – Every Child, Every Promise

A report on the nation’s availability of the Five Promises.

UserVoice » Customer Feedback 2.0

Really like the free UserVoice service-perfect for letting users request features. I’ll use it on all my new web apps.

Low cost usability testing –

I’m totally going to use this service. The price is right and the service sounds very helpful.

Keyword Research, SEO Consulting and Training | SEO Research Labs

I’m curious if I’m better off doing keyword research myself or having them do it for me. Definitely worth testing.

Google AdWords: Traffic Estimator

This is a good way to determine relative popularity of keywords.