Donate My Body To Science | Whole Body Donations | UTN

In case you’ve ever thought about donating your body to science after you die, this seems to be a reputable place. Who wants to be my disinterested witness?

Download Printable Colored one-page weekly planner PDF

I’m using this planner to help Ben visualize his upcoming schoolwork. The site also has loads of other planner templates.

Life is messy bootcamp – 2013
Steps in a Business Road Map |
How to Create a Strategic Road Map |
iPlotz: wireframing, mockups and prototyping for websites and applications

I’ve been toying with the idea of computer-based wireframing and want to give iPlotz a try.

Menu Plan Monday

Need good meal ideas? There are thousands just two clicks from this page.

LifeHacking Your Grocery List

J Wynia has some good ideas on meal planning/grocery list building/non food wasting. I am going to draw from this if I ever get around to writing my grocery list/meal planning/pricebook software.

Five Most Important Considerations

This is an excellent list of things to think about when creating a website (or any other promotional material, actually). Nailing down these simple things will make life so much easier throughout and after the project.