The Web Credibility Project: Guidelines – Stanford University

This is an incredibly useful overview/tactical list of ways to be more credible online. I want to use this as the basis of a course or something.

Free SEO Analysis – Pear Analytics Website Analyzer
Relationship Marketing Series #6, Connect With One Person | Remarkable Communication
Getting Stuff From Free Google AdWords Credits «

This is a smart idea: use free AdWords credits to drive traffic to affiliate-style referral links.

8 Ways to Use Autoresponders to Drive Traffic and Increase Your Blogging Income
Rafflecopter – Your Giveaways – :)
Startup Metrics for Pirates: AARRR! – Master of 500 Hats

This is very smart, funnel-oriented thinking. I like it a lot, and you can’t argue with short.

InspiredCore » Tweet2Download WordPress Plugin

This is a smart idea to generate buzz, provided it’s done thoughtfully.

YoungPrePro – Young Entrepreneur Blog | Helping You Achieve Online Success

Onibalusi does a fantastic job of promoting himself and his stuff without being overwhelming.

Radio Thinking is not Platform Thinking | Mark Ramsey Media LLC

If you’re asking “what do people want from our website?” instead of asking “how can we engage, entertain, and facilitate social interaction for our consumers across platforms?” then you are not structured for the platform.