Gwen Bell – Big Love in a Small World – Blog – How to create your personal manifesto

I want to do a Vision Map party.

How to Hack Someone’s Mind « Hoehn’s Musings

I really want to watch this but every time I think to do it, my baby is asleep and I’m afraid to wake him. Alas. I remain hopeful that one day I’ll know how to hack minds.

We Do Blog about Web Design & Development and Online PR & Marketing » Blog Archive » Google Calendar as a Todo List & Task Management App

This is a smart way to keep the big picture clearly in view on a daily basis.

Yahoo! Weather RSS Feeds

I have a slightly nutty idea about getting an SMS message when the outside temperature reaches a specific number so I remember to close my windows. This would make that possible. 🙂

10 Steps to Become an Email Ninja | The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss

I want to be an email ninja! In all seriousness, his tip #6 has already made my day better… I HAVE external to-do systems but wasn’t using them as much as I should be… until now. 🙂

About | Zen Habits

Leo’s done a great job of clarifying what kinds of communications he’s able to accept. A good model for other overwhelmed bloggers!

OrganizedHome.Com – clean house, cut clutter, get organized!

This is a great site for getting organized (I know, shocker). Lots of advice, articles, and printable resources.