Web Site Hosting Information – Website Hosting Directory

This looks like a good, less-biased source of hosting information.

YouSendIt – Send large files – transfer delivery – FTP Replacement

Every so often I need to send a large file. This helps.

Who is Hosting This?

Sometimes it’s useful to know where a site is hosted (especially when the client doesn’t know 🙂 ).

$6.95 VPS Web Hosting, Dedicated Servers, Reseller Hosting, E-commerce Hosting & Domain Registration – WestHost Inc.

Another reliable, decent-featured host to consider.

LivingDot: “Blog Hosting Experts. Movable Type or WordPress Blog.”

This company might be a good one to recommend to potential clients. I’ll need to test them out a bit first but it seems promising.

NearlyFreeSpeech.NET Web Hosting

This is a great concept and it sounds like the company’s really got their collective heads screwed on straight.

DivineMass – UK Media Agency | Services | Web Hosting

I like the mission focuse, and I like the way they present information.

Objectis – Objectis Community

A cool place to try out Zope and Plone. I don’t need it right this minute, but it’s too useful to forget.


A straightforward web host that offers good features (especially for developers) and reasonable prices, backed up by smart people.

Web Server Backup

A guide to backing up your webserver incrementally with rsync.