Annals of Medicine: The Checklist: Reporting & Essays: The New Yorker

You would not believe what simple checklists can do to save lives (and dollars) in hospitals. I’m not in the medicine business, but I’m going to harness the power of checklists to systematize my business.

Isahrai (is) Quixotic | The Accidental Cultist Part 3:

I like this organization system and am experimenting with it.

LifeHacking Your Grocery List

J Wynia has some good ideas on meal planning/grocery list building/non food wasting. I am going to draw from this if I ever get around to writing my grocery list/meal planning/pricebook software.

OrganizedHome.Com – clean house, cut clutter, get organized!

This is a great site for getting organized (I know, shocker). Lots of advice, articles, and printable resources.

high octane moron: Revolving workflow strategies

David tells us that context is only one of four criteria to apply when choosing actions. The other three, in order, are time available, energy available, and priority.