WordPress Plugin Boilerplate Generator | Ready to use WordPress Plugin Boilerplate
WORDOID – Creative Name Generator – Domain names, company names, product names
DomainTyper – Fast Domain Search

My new favorite domain name search tool.

Grid Designer 2

Looks like a useful base-code generator.

Free Fonts Generator – Make Your Own Handwriting Font With Your Fonts

Many years ago I made a font from my handwriting. It took a long time and a lot of effort. This doesn’t. 🙂

Ajaxload – Ajax loading gif generator

Simple, handy tool for creating little loading indicators to match the site style. Disclosure Policy, Disclosure Policy Generator

A handy tool for creating disclosure policies for blogs and making your readers feel better (or at least better informed).


Fun tool that makes unique videos from your photos and music.

Password Generator

This password generator combines a couple of unrelated words with a number to make a moderately secure but still-memorable password.

Tools – Phonetic Password Generator –

This generator creates passwords that sound like real words but aren’t, which makes them easy(er) to remember but less likely to be cracked with a dictionary approach.