Test Autofill
Adding your own field types · jaredatch/Custom-Metaboxes-and-Fields-for-WordPress Wiki
formy-css-framework –

Styling form is, at best, tedious and repetitive, and at worst, head-bangingly frustrating. This framework looks like a good solution.

User-friendlier country selection – cakebaker

I’m in the process of writing some code to do this style of country selection.

AJAX Activity Indicators

While actually VIEWING this page may make you slightly nuts, it’s a great resource when you need a nice little “loading” or “processing” animation.

Stop Users from Double Clicking

This is a very simple and smart way to disable the submit button in a form (and display an appropriate message) once it has been clicked. I could have used this last week, but will definitely use it in the future.

SimplytheBest DHTML popup information box

A handy little cross-browser script to pop up information. Lots of different options and completely customizable.

persistent checkbox code

I’m using this for a Church Office feature I’m working on.

The Form Assembly

This is a very handy utility for making Ajax forms.