Rusty Wright Clips and Links

A good source of quality articlesfor reprinting.

The Experience on CCB

The ChMS for my church.

The Gospel According to John

Not John the apostle, actually, but John, a guy in the twentysomethings group at my church. I was being nosy on his MySpace page today and read this awesome journal entry. I’m going to reprint it in its entirety.

EmanuelBlagonic.com – Something about web design

I like this site a lot for its clean layout, subtle shading, and clear fonts.

Zion Church PCA, Winesburg, OH

A very nice looking church site. Good use of fonts and “Web 2.0 design” while still being appropriate to their target audience.

Worship Planning: Plan Your Service. Simply.

I can’t say I’m wild about their business model (I’m a fan of open-source with a hosted option, personally), but they have some good ideas about what it takes to create decent planning software.

Worship Team Scheduler

This is a decent overview of what a good church team scheduler should have. Definitely a need for some good solutions in this arena.

Redeemer Presbyterian Church

I’m not wild about their design, but they have a ton of great content.

Hollywood Seventh-day Adventist Church

A very nice, clean church site with a similar amount of information to what we’ll have.

The John MacArthur Study Guide Collection

I have just discovered this amazing resource (and there is plenty of material from other authors, too). Wow! I’m going to use some of the study guides for a small group I’m leading next week.