DNS Propagation Checker

Helpful to know if I’m the *only one* seeing the old version. 🙂

Who is Hosting This?

Sometimes it’s useful to know where a site is hosted (especially when the client doesn’t know 🙂 ).

Domain Tools: Whois Lookup and Domain Suggestions

A useful tool to look up domain name information.

Dislexicon: The English Language Extender

I’m not sure what the orginal intent of this tool was, but it’s great for coming up with domain names. 🙂

Instant Domain Search

A domain search tool full of AJAXy goodness. It updates on the fly to provide a quick glance at what’s available.

DNCoupons – Domain name coupons for use with several registrars

This is a great idea. Every time I buy a domain (disturbingly often), I search for coupon codes. Having them all in one spot will be a terrific time saver.

DomainsBot – Available domain suggestions, name spinner, expired and expiring domain name search

An awesome search engine for domain names.

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