How to Constructively Read a Spec

I’m pretty lazy about reading specs, so this is an area where I want to improve.

The Marketplace for Mobile App Components | Buy Sell Mobile Application Source Code

I’m looking forward to the development of the PhoneGap section.

Play an MP3 Audio Stream in PhoneGap – Joel Dare

I’m thinking of making a radio station app, and this will be very useful. :: tail -f to growl

Very useful little script to show log entries via Growl. I’m using it to draw attention to my PHP error log when I’m developing.

The Joel Test: 12 Steps to Better Code – Joel on Software

Hmm. I don’t really do most of these. Meh.

3ones | An Online Product Development Company – Social Network Application Development, Mobile Application Development, MySpace Facebook OpenSocial Application Development, iPhone Application Development

I think their focus on product development is interesting. Not sure how I’ll work with them or on what, but I’d like to.

SlickMap CSS — A Visual Sitemapping Tool for Web Developers

Makes it easy to create a visual sitemap based on an unordered list.

WP Tutorial: Your First WP Plugin

The word on the street is that this is a very helpful tutorial. I haven’t had a chance to watch it yet but it would probably be useful to my plugin development. :: Multimedia Publishing