COVID-19 Indoor Safety Guideline
San Diego Coronavirus Stats – Metrics Dashboard Mobile
xkcd: COVID Risk Comfort Zone

I’ve already used this to guide my responses. 😉 (I tend a whole lot to the over-explaining side.)

Respiratory virus shedding in exhaled breath and efficacy of face masks | Nature Medicine
Identifying airborne transmission as the dominant route for the spread of COVID-19 | PNAS
Skully Cap – Man Sewing

This is the chart I check daily.

Siouxsie Wiles: How testing for Covid-19 works | The Spinoff

I’m digging Siouxsie’s graphics right now.

#sewTOGETHER | Sew Masks, Save Lives, Get Tieks

This is a generous offer from Tieks. (I’m too cheap to buy their shoes, even with the gift cards they’re offering, but appreciate their willingness to step up!)

Sewing Fabric Surgical Masks

This is the best pattern I’ve seen yet, though it’s important to make sure hospitals are able to finish it with filters and bands before donating it.