The Time Zone Converter
Internet Marketing Training Courses & Certification Market Motive Multivariate Testing Website Optimizer

Once I have a basic landing page set up, I’d like to hire these folks to optimize it. 🙂

63 Extraordinary Companies that Support the Design Community

Great resource post, and might be a good starting point to find advertisers, too.


Sometimes I need to access email via RSS (or it makes life easier). This tool lets me do that.

MySQL Lists: mysql: RE: SQL : convert string to integer

This tip came in very handy when trying to sort by a custom field in WordPress (I’m storing numerical values, but the field is varchar).

iMedia Connection: A simple design fix for your website

Some very good concrete suggestions, most of which would be easily tested by using Goals in Google Analytics.

HostPapers – article WHM/cPanel account transfer/Server move

I’ve known for some time that it’s theoretically possible to do a complete site move using WHM and cPanel. This tells me exactly how. (Too bad for me that my host won’t give me access to it!)

Word Doc from PHP? – comp.lang.php | Google Groups

For a potential client project.

My Great Data (migratedata)

This seems like a sensible way to convert blogs and other CMSs. I do that from time to time so I’ll probably release some customizations as I create them.