Learn symfony: a Beginner’s Tutorial [PHP & MySQL Tutorials]

I’m considering a PHP app for a client, and would like to explore symfony at the same time.

Exploring Footers

I needed to force a footer to the bottom of the viewport regardless of the length. This worked.

Markup as a Craft

A good overview of things to think about for web coders.

Use AJAX and PHP to Build your Mailing List [JavaScript & AJAX Tutorials]

I’ve been meaning to try out some AJAX for a while, but I’ve had a hard time prioritizing it. Hopefully this “dip your toes in” approach will help it happen .

PSD to HTML conversion service. Convert Design to HTML online,

Status: tried. Result: pixel perfect code, but it didn’t provide the flexibility I needed to convert to a WordPress template. Not sure if the fault was mine or theirs.