The joy of singing in canon: guidelines and resources for using canons in worship, page 1 of 2 | Reformed Worship
Rusty Wright Clips and Links

A good source of quality articlesfor reprinting.

The Experience on CCB

The ChMS for my church.

Free Church Graphics from CreativeMYK!

This Christian stock site could come in very handy for church designs (sites and print, too).

FRONTLINE/WORLD . Social Entrepreneurs | PBS

This looks like a good way to spend time vegging.


A great use of the internet for coordinating domestic poverty relief.

On Manhood

A great post that will probably offend some folks. What is the role of men in church (or rather, what should it be)?

Zion Church PCA, Winesburg, OH

A very nice looking church site. Good use of fonts and “Web 2.0 design” while still being appropriate to their target audience.

Worship Planning: Plan Your Service. Simply.

I can’t say I’m wild about their business model (I’m a fan of open-source with a hosted option, personally), but they have some good ideas about what it takes to create decent planning software.

Worship Team Scheduler

This is a decent overview of what a good church team scheduler should have. Definitely a need for some good solutions in this arena.