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MarkaBoo’s excellent error messsage

In a world of boring corporate messages, it was delightful to run into an error at MarkaBoo. “Everyone remembers what happened to Steve…”

Blog cleanup checklist
Painless Functional Specifications – Part 2: What’s a Spec? – Joel on Software

Part of a good series on functional specs.

Web Page Analyzer

A handy tool to check load time and view the contributing factors.

SEO Analyzer

A handy tool for doing SEO analysis.

Silktide Sitescore – how does your website score?

The service can be a little slow when they’re busy, but trust me and WAIT. This site tells you all sorts of important things about YOUR site, like how fast and accessible it is, whether it’s popular, and whether it has “good” design.

UrlTrends :: Website Optimization Reports, Search Engine Ranking Trends and Online Competitive Research

This is a great resource for site owners. It shows your ranking on a number of services and compares it to the average.

Avoiding canned messages; My LinkedIN script for invites

Dean offers some good advice and a customizable script for using LinkedIN.

Test your website with SiteScore – by Silktide Ltd