New & Improved DIY Swaddle Blanket | Prudent Baby

This would make a good baby shower gift.

kind over matter: Freebie Alert : Kind Over Matter ABC Birthday Prints!

Such a cute gift idea!

Samster Mommy: Waffle Tee Onesie

This is cute and appropriate for my short attention span. 🙂

Samster Mommy: Painted Jeweled Onesie

So cute! And I have a couple of pregnant friends at the moment…

Duck socks: Knitty Spring+Summer 2010

These make me laugh. They’d be great baby shower gifts.

Lullaby lyrics: A primer | BabyCenter

We do a lot of made-up lyrics because we don’t know the real ones. 🙂

Dioramarama: A Year of Ott

I love the photos at the top. Good motivation to remember to take regular photos of Benjamin.

Dioramarama: Six Months

I really should write out my birth story before I forget it… This one was very moving.

angry chicken: quick gifts for the smalls.

I like the quick-n-easy aspect. I just need to have some onsies on hand in different sizes (I like one commentor’s idea of giving a set in different sizes).

Milestone charts: What you can expect from birth to age 3 | BabyCenter

I found this helpful… I’m a total baby newb and had no idea when they normally do *anything*.