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Making Money Online With Local Affiliate Programs – ShoeMoney®
How I Made My First $2,000 In Affiliate Marketing – A Step By Step Guide

This step-by-step model is interesting and I’d like to try it every day for a week and see how well it works for me.

iDevAffiliate – Affiliate Tracking Software – Affiliate Program Software
Andrew and Daryl Grant Online Marketing

There is a TON of detailed, helpful information on this page. You can see why Andrew and Daryl are successful in their industry.

This looks like a good option for getting affiliates involved in my products.

The Easiest Money You’ll Ever Make!

I’m going to buy this soon… 🙂

The Super Affiliate Handbook by Rosalind Gardner

I’m always interested in these things (and hardly ever meet my conditions for buying them: have both the time and money to give them a good shot). I like this one because affiliate marketing might be a good way to get the passive income I want.

PayLoadz :: Sell Downloads with PayPal

This seems like a good service for selling intangibles. If I ever write an ebook, maybe I’ll try it.