Tracking down expdbs_migrations

I’m cleaning up a client’s WordPress database and found a very large row in the wp_options table with the option_name “expdbs_migrations_307560ade90b365a15bcb8d6d1aed8fa”. I suspected this was a remnant of a no-longer-installed plugin (they don’t have any plugins that start with “E” at the moment), but wanted to be sure before hacking it out.

Googling “expdbs_migrations” found a number of “expdbs-migrations” folders, but still didn’t tell me which plugin created or was using them.

After a lot of digging, I tracked it down to “Export Database (Backup & Download Database)“. I’m documenting that here in case anyone else is using the same search terms (or, as is too often the case, for my two-years-in-the-future self—I’ve found my own answers more than once while googling a problem!).

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