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BandelettesĀ® Unisex Thigh Bands – Shop Thigh Chafing Solutions

A clever solution to the dreaded summer chub-rub. The reviews are phenomenal.

Pinch Pot Technique – How to Make a Pinched Pitcher

Ben is a “potter” for the upcoming Colonial Day at school, so I think this would be something fun to do for his display.

IPIP NEO-PI, Introductory Information

This is the big, bad version of the Big Five (five factor model of personality).

PersonalityLab – Online Personality Tests

Personality tests are fun.

Following redirects with Curl in PHP.

I might want to do some behind-the-scenes redirection-following as part of the SSO work I do.

Search favicons from any website using PHP – S.A.Dedar

I might use this code to add favicons to these bookmarks.

Unmark – The to do app for bookmarks.

I like the look of this tool and might want to emulate it for my own bookmarks.

How to Constructively Read a Spec

I’m pretty lazy about reading specs, so this is an area where I want to improve.

Earn crypto while learning about crypto

I don’t understand cryptocurrency very well and I like the idea of earning some while learning about it.

Books | Serial Reader for iOS and Android

This a clever concept: classic books divvied up into manageable chunks for the modern, busy reader.