noissue Tape

I like that it’s eco-friendly and has tremendous potential for creativity.

inCharge X – The 100W Swiss Army Knife of Cables | Indiegogo
Online Bible Commentary
Art Printables For Passive Income | Discover
The Next Ten Billion Years – Resilience

A fascinating prediction of “Earth”‘s next ten billion years. (I add the quotes because, spoiler alert, Earth goes away between the billion an 10-billion mark.)

Donate My Body To Science | Whole Body Donations | UTN

In case you’ve ever thought about donating your body to science after you die, this seems to be a reputable place. Who wants to be my disinterested witness?

Average Weather in San Diego, California, United States, Year Round – Weather Spark

I found this data and its visualizations fascinating.

Zero-Bug Software Development

This is a beacon of hope for me.

Need Help Going Vegan? Get a Vegan Mentor! | PETA

This is genius! Going vegan is a huge shift fraught with all kinds of challenges, from practical (what do I eat?) to social and psychological (resistance from family members). Having a friendly mentor would make a world of difference. I’m wondering what other transitions could borrow this model?

CS Lewis Mere Christianity: The Book, the Idea, and the Legacy | C.S. Lewis Institute