Berkshire Swash font

This font feels like a prettier reincarnation of the 70s, and I love it. I’m afraid it’s too trendy (both too “everywhere” and also too prone to go out of fashion) to use for a logo or anything enduring, but I still want to.

Mrs Sheppards font

I haven’t found the right project for it yet, but this thick, slanty handwriting font calls to me.

Storing Confidential Data in WordPress

A middle-of-the-road approach that makes sense for medium-sensitivity data.

Batch create sub-tasks in Habitica
Handwashing Stations, Restrooms, and Public Libraries in San Diego

I’m a person who always wants to know if there will be restrooms available, so this is my kind of reference!

How to make Sugar Syrup for Indian Sweets

Sweet Indian recipes often call for “one string consistency” or “two wire syrup”. However, I already burn myself enough in the kitchen and found this conversion to temperature to save me.

Free Guided Meditations
I Tried Making My Own Beeswax Wraps

My dad gave me some beeswax from his hives, and this is one of the projects I want to make with it.

How To Crochet Eyes For Your Amigurumi

This video tutorial is perfect for more colorful eyes.

Crocheted Eyes for Amigurumi

A simple technique that is both safe for small people and adds personality.