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Cloud hosting developers love.

This link gives a $100/60-day credit. I might use it to try out a BigBlueButton install.

Get Organized HQ 2020 – September 14-18, 2020
Become a RESTful API Developer – Learning Path

I know lots about lots of this, but also have some gaps that I bet a systematic approach would fill.

Homepage | DanceFit University

It’s not clear what timezone these are in or how long they are, but the investment is very reasonable so I’m considering it.

Hamilton: The Revolution Fans

Some great sweatshirt renditions of the best quotes from Hamilton.

Reused Billboard Vinyl | Billboard Tarps

This is one of the best prices per ft².

8′ x 8′ – Reused Vinyl Tarp (White – No Pipe Sleeve) — BillboardVinyls

This is the cheapest option I’ve seen for a billboard vinyl (not in price/ft², but the total).

calzoneman/sync: Node.JS Server and JavaScript/HTML Client for synchronizing online media
Open Source Virtual Background | BenTheElder
Video Chat SDK – Agora.io