AiTuts Prompts | Midjourney Prompt Library
Online Image Vectorizer
Photopea | Online Photo Editor

Someone recommended this as an online photo editor.

Productive office background for Zoom

One of my fellow Focus Block-ers uses this background and we all love it.

Well-roundedness is a lie

“We want children to be well-rounded, but well-rounded is a vicious lie. Nobody needs to be well-rounded. We just need one or two overwhelming passions or talents and the freedom and the guts to follow them where they lead us.”

Free Online OCR – convert PDF to Word, Images to text, JPEG to Word

I had a very messed up PDF and this tool was the best one I tried at extracting the text.

Stay awake with the Screen Wake Lock API

I’m creating an interactive craft pattern tool, and it’s helpful to keep the screen on when you’re actively working.

Direct link to edit BuddyPress profile

There are all kinds of involved-code ways to do it, but the gem is the revelation that you can use “me” as a stand-in for the username to get a link that will work dynamically for everyone, no code required.

Javascript: wait for DOM or element to load
How to: Create a Low Highlight Text Effect Using CSS