How to make the phpMyAdmin sidebar table links default to “browse”

What I searched for

phpmyadmin default to browse instead of structure

Why I searched for it

I swear this used to be the default behavior, but now (using phpMyAdmin 4.6.4 and MAMP 4.0.5—which turns out to be relevant) clicking a table name in the left sidebar opens up the “Structure” tab. 95% of the time I want to see the data and it was making me crazy to have to manually switch it each time.

What I learned

This can be changed in MAMP’s phpMyAdmin config file (for me, located at /Applications/MAMP/bin/phpMyAdmin/ by updating the $cfg['DefaultTabTable'] setting to 'sql.php' (even though that’s not listed under the “Possible values:” heading!).

After I figured this out, I found this relevant StackOverflow question, which may be helpful if this sounds like the right path but you need a little more.

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