happyhumans.com Purchase Inquiries

I hear from folks every so often who hope to purchase my domain, happyhumans.com. There’s usually a good reason they’re interested (such a cheery domain tends to attract cheery people) and I feel bad every time I have to say no.

Why do I have to say no? Well, if you are just going by the meager content on this website, you would reasonably think, “She’s hardly even using it!” However, what you may not see is that I bought the domain way back in 2002, there are a bunch of subdomains you almost certainly haven’t noticed, and almost by default, it’s become seriously entangled in our lives.

Prompted by inquiries, I’ve looked into what it would take to untangle the domain after almost two decades of using it, and without exaggeration, concluded it would take hundreds of hours.

Even if I wanted to spend the hundreds of hours, I don’t have that much free time within a reasonable timeframe, meaning I’d have to take time off work to make it happen.

Between the active hours and the time off work (or even hiring a virtual assistant to handle a lot of it), this effectively puts the “price” of the domain in the five-figure realm. So far, no one has ever been that interested (and I don’t blame them; I wouldn’t pay that much for it, either!).

If, for some reason, you are that interested, by all means, reach out and tell me about your (presumably very compelling) project. 😉 If not, you might find a related-but-available domain name that’s perfect for you over here.