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Perfect Chewy Brownies

That’s right, these are perfect. Fight me. They’re based on these brownies and also these brownies and a whole lot of brownie taste-offs (fortunately, I have good friends who are willing to sacrifice their very bodies for the cause of brownie perfection). Photos to come if I can ever keep the brownies around long enough.…

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Unofficial Pad Thai Day

It doesn’t look like there’s officially (ha!) a Pad Thai Day (yet?) but this Google Doodle makes me want one… and they say, “In fact, it was today in 1945 that the tasty dish was announced the national cuisine of Thailand!”

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Name that tune (Audrey Assad's "Oh, the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus")

I discovered Audrey Assad recently (thanks to the Rabbit Room) and then realized that a bunch of her music is available on Amazon Prime Music, too. I immediately recognized the tune of her rendition of “Oh, the Deep, Deep Love of Jesus” but couldn’t place it. (I also didn’t immediately recognize that the backing vocalist…

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