Fun tool that makes unique videos from your photos and music. – Online Video Distribution and Analytics

I’ve been meaning to do more with video, and this multi-submit site makes it sound a lot easier to do the distribution part.

Overstream — Welcome

I’ve been hearing about this service to add close-captioning to videos for a while. I’d like to use it on some of my instructional videos.

WordPress YouTube Widget

I’m going to use this Widget on a client site. It’s pretty handy!

The New New Internet Agenda

I love conferences that let you watch or listen to their sessions. This one seems good (have just watched the Tim Ferriss session).

SuTree – free video ‘how to’ lessons and tutorials

Another video how-to site.

FRONTLINE/WORLD . Social Entrepreneurs | PBS

This looks like a good way to spend time vegging.

Publish a Video Podcast with WordPress > Step 9: List Your Podcast on iTunes

I’m working on a video podcast for a client and have found this series very helpful.

Trick bowling videos on YouTube

A couple of years ago while in a restaurant in Colorado, we randomly saw a trick bowling competition, which was amazing. I’m interested to see these videos.

Viral Video Chart – Today’s Top 20 Viral Videos

A good resource for finding videos for my site.