Following redirects with Curl in PHP.

I might want to do some behind-the-scenes redirection-following as part of the SSO work I do.

How To Make HTTP Requests with WordPress « planetOzh
Tuts+ Premium Course: Agile Design Patterns
Tuts+ Premium Course: Laravel Essentials
YOURLS: Your Own URL Shortener
yii-full-calendar – Full Calendar Extension for Yii Framework – Google Project Hosting

I may use this for a public event calendar.

php.js – php.js

Very useful project that takes PHP functions and makes them available in JavaScript.

phamlp – PHP port of Haml and Sass – Google Project Hosting
Go Haml with Yii using Phamlp! | Code for Thought
How to get rank using mysql query |

This was exactly what I needed to rank a large dataset. So happy to have found it!