HYIP – High Yield Investment Programs – The Best HYIP Network, Advice, Tools and Resources

This looks like a good resource for these risky investments.

MONEY TALKS: Are you really free?

A series of articles about money and saving money.

Other Consumer Issues

Articles on many topics personal finance related. – Lists and Manuals for Tax Lien and Tax Deed Sales Nationwide

Of course they’re trying to sell something, but their calendar of upcoming sales could prove useful.

NetworthIQ: My Networth

This site lets you track your net worth over time. Kind of handy. I need more info from Daniel to get it all entered in properly, though.

Save Money and Budgeting Forums – What are your best money saving ideas?

Money saving ideas… should provide a lot of blog fodder.

Why Work? // Index

A site that espouses a “wage slave”-free lifestyle.

Yahoo! Finance Special Edition: The Joy of Living Frugally
Frugal Living

About’s guide to frugal living.

WebKEW: Welcome to WebKEW!