The Dotty Beanie & Duo-Color Dotty Beanie Knitting pattern by Stephanie Lau
Duck socks: Knitty Spring+Summer 2010

These make me laugh. They’d be great baby shower gifts.

See Eunny Knit!: Techniques: Self-striping yarn

Will I ever get around to dying my own yarn? Probably not. But if I do…

Knit a ballband dishcloth

The ballband dishcloth pattern (from Peaches ‘n’ Cream via Mason Dixon).

Red Fox

Okay, so I’m not a very committed knitter. But I really want to make this one!

Knitty: Winter 2007 – Quant

I’d like to make this. Someday. When I find a few hours I don’t know how to fill. Okay, it may be a lost cause.

Voodoo Wrist Warmers

I’m making these.

Sheldon the Turtle

So cute! I love that the shell comes off. Want to knit as a gift (hopefully the recipient doesn’t follow my bookmarks 🙂 ).

The Socks that Tricia wants to make

A note about this pattern: I don’t know what mystic thing warps the time space continuum when you start…but these are the fastest socks in the world to pull off. I can’t explain it. Totally trippy.

Things Stitched: Leaf Patterned Spa Set

I like this pattern and am going to use it come Christmas time (shh, don’t tell!).