xkcd: COVID Risk Comfort Zone

I’ve already used this to guide my responses. 😉 (I tend a whole lot to the over-explaining side.)

Duck socks: Knitty Spring+Summer 2010

These make me laugh. They’d be great baby shower gifts.

The Bulls and Bears of Law Teaching by Sara Stadler

Came across this essay somewhat randomly via Jotwell (the author is a contributing editor), and lo and behold, it’s actually pretty diverting (and that’s saying someting, since I’m not a legal person at all).

amalah . com

I’ve been informed that I MUST read this blog now that I know I’m preggo with a boy. 🙂 | ecards for when you care enough to hit send

Many of these are crude, but this site is perfect for occasions when you just need to be a little snarky.

Bike Snob NYC: A Separate Peace: Brokering the End of the Cyclist/Driver War

An amusing “treaty” between cyclists and drivers.

Bad Designer Threads

I love these t-shirts, particularly the Comic Sans one. Brilliant and must-have.

ThinkGeek :: Wi-Fi Detector Shirt

This is so cool (and totally geeky). Definitely a “conversation” shirt.

Viral Video Chart – Today’s Top 20 Viral Videos

A good resource for finding videos for my site.

Fun Family Videos – You don’t have to choose between “entertaining” and “clean”. See the best family-friendly movies online!

This site offers some of the most entertaining videos on the web, but without the embarassing-to-watch-with-your-mom stuff.