Berkshire Swash font

This font feels like a prettier reincarnation of the 70s, and I love it. I’m afraid it’s too trendy (both too “everywhere” and also too prone to go out of fashion) to use for a logo or anything enduring, but I still want to.

Mrs Sheppards font

I haven’t found the right project for it yet, but this thick, slanty handwriting font calls to me.

Calligraphr – Draw your own fonts.

Ben made up an alternate alphabet and I think it would be fun to turn it into a font he could type with.

.psd fonts
Typekit WP Editor Styles | Tom J Nowell

When I develop a theme, I like to make sure the post editor has accurate styling to provide a consistent experience and reliable results. This trick makes it possible to get Typekit fonts working in WordPress’s TinyMCE editor.

How to Reduce the File Size of Google Fonts for your Website

Useful if you only need a subset of font characters.

Soma FontFriend – Soma Design
I Font You: Find Great Font Combinations
Awesome Fontstacks
Frequently Asked Questions | Jessica Hische

The real lesson I learned was that in order to do what you want for a living, all you have to do is find a way to show people that you do it. If you want to be a book cover designer but don’t have a single book cover in your portfolio, the chances of…