Online Business Building Newsletter – TalkBiz News

This is a good page that goes over how to confirm a double-opt-in subscription.


Sometimes I need to access email via RSS (or it makes life easier). This tool lets me do that.

How to Code HTML Email Newsletters [HTML & XHTML Tutorials]

I do email templates from time to time and this is a good overview of the things I need to remember.

Email design and spam testing just got easy with Campaign Monitor

This is a nice option to have when creating e-newsletter layouts.

10 Steps to Become an Email Ninja | The Blog of Author Tim Ferriss

I want to be an email ninja! In all seriousness, his tip #6 has already made my day better… I HAVE external to-do systems but wasn’t using them as much as I should be… until now. 🙂

About | Zen Habits

Leo’s done a great job of clarifying what kinds of communications he’s able to accept. A good model for other overwhelmed bloggers!

Optimizing for Gmail’s snippets and Outlook’s AutoPreview – Campaign Monitor Blog

I routinely send out emails for clients and this looks like a good strategy. I’m going to do some split-testing to see how it impacts open rates. – Schedule Email to be Sent Later Automatically

I’ve wanted something like this for ages! Sometimes I work weird hours, but don’t want the clients to know it, and this is perfect. So happy it exists.

zen habits: Email Zen: Clear Out Your Inbox

This is like the holy grail of email for me. My email inbox is a constant source of frustration for me. Going to use these tips if it kills me.

AWeber Autoresponder & Newsletters: Unlimited Follow Up Autoresponders Increase Email Deliverability.

This looks like a useful resource for newsletters and autoresponders!