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Making Rope Sandals

I’ve crocheted a pair of sandals on a flip-flop footbed. Now I want to see if a rope footbed would be more flexible for barefoot-style minimalist footwear…

How to Paint Laminate Bookshelves

I have an ugly faux-wood bookcase I’d like to revitalize.

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I think concrete plant pots are in my future.

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Street Chalk Recipe

This is the for-serious version, involving pigments, beeswax, boiled linseed oil, marble dust… SERIOUS stuff. I’m not sure if my new hobby will last long enough to justify the investment, but I’m tucking it away here just in case.

Making Your Own Sidewalk Chalk – The Simple Dollar

I’ve been disproportionately running out of black chalk (I do a lot of outlines and drop-shadows) and it’s silly to keep buying full sets for one color. Plus this way I can also make brown-grey.