Mary and Eve Print :: Monastery Candy :: Detail
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Chit Chat Markers | MoMA Design Store

I often do taste tests, and this would be a convenient way to label the options.

Hydradoodle | Unstable | Card Kingdom

I feel like this polymath might be my spirit animal.

File:”Hunger. For three years America has fought starvation in Belgium. Will you Eat Less-wheat, meat- fats and sugar that… – NARA – 512582.jpg – Wikimedia Commons

I love this WWI poster.

Print custom stickers – StickerApp

At these prices, I think I might be getting me some stickers!

Stock Illustrations by Frank Ramspott
SOFT Rocker uses solar to top up your gadgets while you relax
SharpWriter | DeviantArt

These “presidential portraits” delight me to no end.

Street Chalk Recipe

This is the for-serious version, involving pigments, beeswax, boiled linseed oil, marble dust… SERIOUS stuff. I’m not sure if my new hobby will last long enough to justify the investment, but I’m tucking it away here just in case.