Spiral Betty

Turn an image into a spiral. I saw this put to good effect using a vinyl cutter and t-shirt.

Doodle Stitching and Crayon Tinting with Author Aimee Ray – Benzie Design

I’m not sure why it never occurred to me to use crayons to color backgrounds, but it’s a great idea!

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Wildlife Reference Photos for Artists
Mary and Eve Print :: Monastery Candy :: Detail
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Chit Chat Markers | MoMA Design Store

I often do taste tests, and this would be a convenient way to label the options.

Hydradoodle | Unstable | Card Kingdom

I feel like this polymath might be my spirit animal.

File:”Hunger. For three years America has fought starvation in Belgium. Will you Eat Less-wheat, meat- fats and sugar that… – NARA – 512582.jpg – Wikimedia Commons

I love this WWI poster.

Print custom stickers – StickerApp

At these prices, I think I might be getting me some stickers!